Jacob DiMartino, David Sonkin and Robert Swope come together for PITOOEY! INC.

PITOOEY! INC. is a publically traded company founded in 2012 by three successful entrepreneurs with the goal of creating a multi-service global digital marketing agency. Together these three entrepreneurs bring all of the elements necessary for success with proficiency in mobile marketing, mobile app development and social media.
The three brains behind this operation consist of Jacob DiMartino, David Sonkin and Robert Swope. DiMartino, the Chairman & Chief Executive Offers, most recently founded Choice One Solution prior to his engagements with PITOOEY! INC. There, he successfully grew Choice One through his relationships with affiliate partners. Maxx Merchants, one of Choice One Solutions’ most substantial partners, is one of the largest credit card merchants in the company. Prior to the foundation of Choice One Solution, DiMartino was previously the Director of Project Management for Phase 2. There he was one of the largest account managers for the company and gained a lot of his knowledge in management.
David Sonkin, Director of Digital & Mobile Media Operations for PITOOEY!, is responsible for the foundation of the overall vision and idea behind the company. Prior to PITOOEY!, Sonkin founded Mobile Caviar, which as of currently, has produced and managed more custom, hand crafted and mobile pages than all other digital agencies in the United States.
Rob Swope, Chief Digital Officer, comes from Rockstar Digital where he is the founder and CEO. Previously, Swope worked as a sales and marketing professional for various Fortune 500 telecom and cable companies. His digital foundation comes from his previous position as a Communications Manager at Mobile Roadie, which is one of the largest platforms for mobile applications in the world.
Together the business leaders have combined their individual resources and areas of expertise to create a patent-pending mobile marketing application which they believe has the significant potential to become a new standard in business to consumer mobile activity.

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Jacob Dimartino – Establishing a Web Presence

Imagine waking up one morning only to realize that you’ve been working the same 9 to
5 job for years when you could have been following your dreams. You have a surplus of
great ideas and plenty of strong opinions, but could never find a way to turn them into
sustainable revenue. Your family and friends frequently wonder why you haven’t pursued
your desires, but don’t fully grasp how difficult it is to strike out on your own. What
you need is guidance – someone who has been in the business for years and makes a
living assisting people with their dreams. You need the professional direction of Internet
business guru Jacob Dimartino.

Jacob began his journey over 10 years ago. Back then the Internet was just starting to
blossom and most people didn’t have a clue that money could be made through selling
products online or advertising on a website. Seizing the opportunity to launch his own
career while simultaneously helping other entrepreneurs, Jacob began customizing
websites for innovative individuals.

Eventually blogs became popularized on the web and for a while it seemed like everyone
wanted in on a piece of the potential revenue that could be made by simply expressing
their opinions. Unfortunately, most of these upstarts soon realized that making money on
the web was a tricky business, especially without professional help. Some gave up their
dream, but others refused to quit. A lucky few turned to Jake for help and quickly found
themselves making a full-time salary by simply writing about the things they love.

Jacob’s areas of expertise are not limited to setting up websites and blogs. As a
representative of Choice One Solutions, Jacob provided small business with the tools
they needed in order to send their profits soaring. Relying on a wealth of experience
and knowledge, Jacob imparts his savvy onto his clients. The end result: a strong web
presence, steady income and above all, happiness.

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